FLAGO Mind Minute: Public Employment Job Applications


In 2015, the Suwanee Valley Transit Authority (a special district) requested an opinion from the Florida Attorney General regarding the following question: “Are sealed employment applications which were received…but rejected prior to the applications being opened public records subject to inspection and copying under section 119.07, Florida Statutes?”

professional applicant discreetly sliding a sealed envelope across a table to a person while other people try to see what is happening but are not able to see. cartoon

The Florida Attorney General’s Office responded as follows:

“Job applications, like other personnel records, are public records made or received by the public agency in the usual course of business[1] and are subject to inspection and copying under section 119.07, Florida Statutes, once they are received. An agency may not ‘seal’ job applications or request that they be submitted as “sealed” records to foreclose public access.”

It’s important to remember that Florida Public Records law is extremely broad, and there are very few privacy protections for public employees like their counterparts in the private sector. In Florida, the public enjoys the right to access and inspect those records that show how their government operates.

Reference: FORMAL OPINION AGO 2015-10
Reference Link:

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